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  • Firm Name: Webonise
  • Project Name: DRF (Daily Racing Form)
  • Project domain: Sports Betting
  • Users: .COM, BET
  • Project Duration: 16 months
  • Project type: Functional, API, UI
  • Bug tracking tool: JIRA
  • Services Offered by KiwiQA: Manual testing, API testing, UI/UX Testing

Taking a step-by-step approach to addressing issues Problems to be resolved

QA Case Study
  • Test the application and report an issue.
  • Test application in a different device with different browsers.
  • Investigate product quality in order to make improvement.
  • Collaborate with product owner and BA person to understand the project requirement and do the test accordingly.
  • Prepare a Sanity checklist to avoid bug leakage for a major functionality of the product.
  • Co-ordinate with the development team to ensure the consistent project execution.

Accomplishing the intended results

This is a sport betting application that offers various products for analysis before horse racing matches, and some of these products rely on third party APIs.

  • The team validates APIs and checks responses to ensure that they are receiving expected results.
  • The team discusses doubts and writes test cases in sprint planning meetings, and then performs functional, UI/UX, and cross-device/cross-browser testing on the development environment.
  • The team maintains a sanity checklist and executes it after every release to prevent critical functionality issues.
  • The team raises defects for APIs, functional, and UI/UX issues and performs post-deployment testing to ensure that everything works as expected on the production environment.

Our Approach

As an outcome, Number of issues have been fixed by the development team, also production issues count has been decreased after every production release. Sanity checklist was very useful during our Pre and Post deployment testing. We were able to deliver crucial features on time and without having any major issues on Prod after the release.

What we achieved


Total test case written till now


Total Bugs reported till now (Functional testing)

200 – 250

Total task completed till now in testing: JIRA tickets


Total Improvement given so far: JIRA tickets

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