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A glimpse of K-SPARC

K-SPARC delivers best-in-class performance testing & engineering services. By providing accurate and timely insights with minimal rework, businesses can leverage the power of technology to deliver high-quality products to market more efficiently, predictably, and effectively. Through the establishment of availability and scalability parameters, predictable outcomes become the norm, significantly reducing the need for rework and minimizing delays in product delivery.

The ever-rising market competition, especially in the digital space, demands flawless performance, and it is something you cannot compromise. With utmost speed, reliability, and stability, K-SPARC ensures your product gets high ranking without fail. The behavior of the product is checked for fluctuations in the network, bandwidth, and the traffic.

A comprehensive look at the K-SPARC approach

The performance testing services framework K-SPARC facilitates early and high detection rates of performance bottlenecks, significantly reducing rework and eliminating delays to delivery.


Survey and investigate the customer's requirements and associated needs


Prepare and develop actionable items that align with the customer's needs


Appraise and scrutinize the compiled actionable items to evaluate their viability and effect on the project


Rationalize Specified Actions / Activities to Design and Develop Possible Solutions using In-house and Industry tools


Combine the Designed and Developed activities To Execute, Check and Iterate for Workable Action Plan

Interested in knowing the K-SPARC architecture?

Have a look at the architecture which uses JMeter. Our performance testing framework relies on tools and technologies like Jenkins and Delphix, which are connected to the interface. Similarly, GitHub and Mantis are connected to the interface too.


How does K-SPARC help

Effortlessly design your solution and test the configuration while identifying the actual business expectations and application constraints with K-SPARC. Analyze the performance of the applications and improve the poor functioning sections of codes.


Workload Process (WP)

K-SPARC helps you with selecting the type of workload for the test, creating groups that emulate users running on the application, and it also lets you configure how they should behave during the trial.


Capacity Planning and Management (CPM)

You can monitor the load data over time with K-SPARC and determine what hardware and software configurations are needed to meet the requirements.


Profiling & Fine Tuning (PFT)

It’s easy to measure how long a routine takes to execute, the frequency at which it is called, what functions are calling it, and all other relevant details, which let you fine-tune accordingly.


Execution & Reporting (ER)

As much as K-SPARC makes it easy to execute tests, it makes reporting just as easier. It includes defect information and test run case information for better transparency.

Delivering remarkable changes, one outcome at a time

In the projects where K-SPARC has been implemented, it has provided noteworthy outcomes and left a positive impact across verticals.

K-SPARC - High availability of Application Under Test (AUT)
High availability of Application Under Test (AUT)

High availability of Application Under Test (AUT)

K-SPARC increases the availability of Applications Under Test so that multiple tests can be run parallelly, saving time and cost.

K-SPARC - Speedy implementation
Speedy implementation

Speedy implementation

Only after minimal changes does the testing performance increase manifold, allowing speedy implementation.

K-SPARC - Scalable Solutions
Scalable Solutions

Scalable Solutions

The test scripts are highly efficient, and this fosters testing solutions that can be scaled easily without additional effort.

K-SPARC - Fix Performance Bottlenecks
Fix Performance Bottlenecks

Fix Performance Bottlenecks

Not only are you able to identify the performance bottlenecks, but you can also deploy high-quality and precise solutions to address them.

Our clientele is the testimony of our precision

Take a glance at some of the organizations whom we have helped with successful product launches through our QA services and eliminating issues in coding.

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