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Gripping reasons for implementing K-ASSIST

To optimize the testing process, companies can utilize K-ASSIST, a test consulting strategy that includes a framework for test consulting services. This framework assists in the development and implementation of end-to-end V&V (Verification and Validation) governance, strategies, and testing procedures, resulting in improved V&V effectiveness and test process improvement within the organization.

Some of the most frequent questions in the minds of testing leaders are,

  • Can we move team members between projects and manage optimally?
  • Is the testing good enough?
  • Is the team organized and working efficiently?
  • Is there a learning curve between project teams?
  • Is establishing a centralized QA function the solution?

A comprehensive look at the K-ASSIST approach

After aligning the objectives and studying the current state, we get to a solution with our test consulting services framework. After this, we integrate the devised solutions and implement them. The last stage includes auditing and optimization.

Integrate identified solutions through team workshops

Integrate identified solutions through team workshops

Strategize and plan

Strategize and plan the solutions for implementation and draw an implementation plan

Implement, Audit and course

Implement, Audit and Course correction

Align customer objectives

Align customer objectives

Study current state

Study current state vis-e-vi standard model


Solution : Arrive at possible solutions to identified areas

Changes brought by K-ASSIST implementation

K-ASSIST framework allows enterprises to align their test strategy and track and measure the performance of the results against specific strategic goals. It makes implementation easier by automating the test processes.


Test Strategy and Governance

By devising the right strategy, you can govern the test management processes for enhanced process implementation, optimization, and performance improvement.


Test Process Crafting and Implementation

K-ASSIST comes in handy when you are crafting your test process and when you are implementing the test cases.


Test Process Automation and Technology Solutions

Using technological solutions, you can automate the test process for executing the test case suites through K-ASSIST.


Test Point Solutions

Eliminate the guesswork when determining adequate test coverage by finding the test points individually.

Delivering remarkable changes, one outcome at a time

In the projects where K-ASSIST has been implemented, it has provided noteworthy outcomes and left a positive impact across verticals.

K-ASSIST - Superior software quality
Superior software quality 

Superior software quality

Testing is the pillar of your software quality, and applying the K-ASSIST framework provides you with excellent-quality software.

K-ASSIST - Reduction in Cost of Quality
Reduction in Cost of Quality (CoQ)

Reduction in Cost of Quality (CoQ)

K-ASSIST provides practical measures to identify and deploy the right and relevant tests to eliminate unnecessary delays incurring more costs.

K-ASSIST - Continuous value creation
Continuous value creation

Continuous value creation

The impact of K-ASSIST implementation doesn’t stop with executing the tests. It creates value continuously through optimum test cases and repeatedly formalizes the correct behavior.

K-ASSIST - Test Consulting Assessment and Recommendations
Test Consulting Assessment and Recommendations 

Test Consulting Assessment and Recommendations

Streamlines and optimize your testing processes by knowing the ins and outs of what, how, and when to test. Reduce test failure, iterations, and cost with suitable recommendations.

K-ASSIST - Due Diligence and Solutioning
Due Diligence and Solutioning 

Due Diligence and Solutioning

K-ASSIST helps you assess the code base and software engineering in terms of quality, sustainability, and lack of scalability and provides the solution to address them.

K-ASSIST - Test Strategy creation and advisory
Test Strategy creation and advisory

Test Strategy creation and advisory

We create test strategies for high-quality results and play the advisory role in planning, designing, and executing those tests.

K-ASSIST - Test Metrics, Dashboard, and Reporting
Test Metrics, Dashboard, and Reporting

Test Metrics, Dashboard, and Reporting

Get quantifiable indicators of the testing progress, quality, productivity, and other parameters on a centralized dashboard. It also makes reporting more straightforward.

Our clientele is the testimony of our precision

Take a glance at some of the organizations whom we have helped with successful product launches through our QA services and eliminating issues in coding.

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