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Our focus is on streamlining the process, followed by robust testing and cost savings that are effective for extended periods.

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 for long-drawn impact
Test Consulting Challenges

Challenges paved on the way

We understand why Software Testing Consulting becomes essential to establish sustainable automation testing pyramids that can scale and give you great ROI on your investment.

No ready-made automated test suites

Lack of pre-built automated test suites results in time waste because one must manually test the same functionality repeatedly.

Insufficient highly qualified test engineers

Software Testing Consulting Services require highly developed abilities. Lack of easily accessible expertise makes the testing procedure difficult.

Insufficient knowledge about automating regression tests

Only when testing tools are staffed by specialists who can create solutions and accurately carry out regression testing are they useful.

How KiwiQA makes a difference?

KiwiQA helps you define and assist with software testing processes as well as raising the efficiency of testing. Our approach is holistic and futuristic and in line with the best industry practices.

Test Strategy and Governance

You can control the test management procedures for improved process implementation, optimization, and performance by coming up with the appropriate approach.

Test Process Crafting and Implementation

Our approach comes in handy when you are crafting your test process and when you are implementing the test cases.

Test Process Automation and Technology Solutions

Using technological solutions, you can automate the test process for executing the test case suites through our services.

Test Point Solutions

By locating the test sites individually, you may eliminate guessing when calculating acceptable test coverage.

Why KiwiQA?

KiwiQA came into existence intending to provide cost-effective yet superior QA Consulting Services and gladly we continue to live up to this objective.

15+ years in testing and QA industry

We are proud to have successfully completed many assignments over the 15 years, and our dedication to our customers has helped us become leaders in our industry.

Dedicated testing labs

Thanks to our dedicated testing facilities, we are able to complete projects more quickly and provide high-quality solutions with greater flexibility and efficiency.

Deep expertise, next-gen AI testing

KiwiQA is a centre for testing professionals who mentor and mould upcoming specialists. To keep up with the rest of the world, our professionals introduce the most recent AI technology.

Proper functioning

We ensure that all components in the system are working properly and that all applications are interacting with it in a trustworthy manner.

A comprehensive look at the K-RASINS approach

With our rich experience in the QA and test management services framework, we recommend a test design methodology that defines a simple step-by-step process to meet functional requirements. Let's have a closer look –


Requirements enumeration


Attribute enumeration


Scenario enumeration


Integration point enumeration


Node test cases enumeration

Delivering remarkable changes, one outcome at a time 

Take a quick view at the benefits of having us as your testing partner.

Test Consulting - Faster cycle times
Faster cycle times

Faster cycle times

Test automation speeds up the feedback process for newly developed features, allowing for faster detection of potential glitches and problems. This eliminates the need for lengthy manual testing and enables early identification of issues.

Test Consulting - Increased operating efficiency
Increased operating efficiency

Increased operating efficiency

Our monitoring system provides a centralized and systematic record that can be accessed by everyone in the organization, regardless of their department. This facilitates collaboration and ensures that everyone is on the same page about the project’s progress. Additionally, the system is faster, more accurate, and improves overall efficiency.

Test Consulting - Increased revenues and profitability
Increased revenues and profitability

Increased revenues and profitability

Although the initial investment may be high, it can result in long-term cost savings. Test automation also leads to an improvement in work quality, as it helps to prevent neglect and manual errors. This reduces the need for post-release bug fixes, which can lead to significant cost savings in the long run.

Test Consulting - Expanded market coverage
Expanded market coverage

Expanded market coverage

Automation testing enables a higher number of tests to be executed, resulting in increased testing coverage and fewer software anomalies. This approach also provides the opportunity to test complex applications and additional features.

Test Consulting - Improved user satisfaction
Improved user satisfaction

Improved user satisfaction

At KiwiQA, we prioritize the user’s needs and requirements when creating our testing strategy. This ensures that we deliver functional and useful products that align with their goals. We use automation testing to provide a remarkable customer experience with ease.

Our clientele is the testimony of our precision

Take a glance at some of the organizations whom we have helped with successful product launches through our QA services and eliminating issues in coding.

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Prospecta Software Australia Pty. Ltd

Check out what they're slaying saying

Collaborating with KiwiQA has been pivotal for our fintech platform, Shukur. Their meticulous attention to detail and professionalism throughout the QA process is truly exceptional. With their expertise, every facet of our platform underwent rigorous testing, ensuring no issues slipped through the cracks. We're immensely thankful for KiwiQA's unwavering dedication to quality assurance. Their contribution has been invaluable, and we wholeheartedly endorse their services to anyone seeking top-tier QA support.

Elvin Eldić

Co-Founder & CEO, Shukur

We recently worked with KiwiQA team on a project to perform Load Testing and Security Testing on our environment to get an understanding of our exposure and our system limitations. We ran this as two separate projects and both project leads ran very effectively. We got the outcomes we needed and there was clear communication and flexibility throughout the program. I would recommend KiwiQA team for testing services.

John Tooth


Niranjan & the Kiwi QA team have been excellent. They have a high quality team who has demonstrated great ownership, hustle and have maintained a high quality bar that's akin to the top tech cos. such as Flipkart etc. Would highly recommend Kiwi QA

Nikhil Goenka


Finding a good and trustworthy QA service is not easy. I didn’t have any recommendations and searching online gave me thousands of QA service companies. KiwiQA caught my immediate attention as their website explained their QA services in a "healthy" way. So, I contacted Niranjan through LinkedIn. Niranjan gave me the requisite information along with a complete quotation within a few hours after the virtual discussion. We started the partnership in June 2022. In these few months, we are happy with the working attitude, and professionalism of the QA team. We will definitely continue working with them to ensure our platform Wesurance 360 and all new features would be delivered successfully. Thank you, Niranjan for your support!

Natalie Fong

Chief Operating Officer

KiwiQA has been providing advanced software solution testing services to Genix Ventures Pty Ltd for several years. The services included functional testing as well as load testing and test automation. We were very happy with KiwiQA's services and we can strongly recommend KiwiQA to other companies!

Mirko Siegel

Chief Technical Officer

We use KiwiQA for our large custom projects. One of our custom sites their normal flow of automation testing was not going to work. They quickly found and implemented a solution. KiwiQA is very detail oriented and has great communication. They are a pleasure to work with.

Scott Hunley

Devops Manager

We have been working with KiwiQA for several years and really come to rely upon them. They have a terrific team of people, and I rely on them to do a thorough job.

Ken Murai

Founder and CEO

It was a pleasure to work with Niranjan and his team of dedicated and comprehensive testers. Looking forward to our next engagement with the KiwiQA team, and having Niranjan oversee another successful project for us. A great experience full of support and passion to deliver a great service. Thanks Niranjan!

Rebecca VanZutphen


Thank you for your all support to the projects in ITFAQ! Really appreciated.

Apurva Patil

Quality Assurance - Team Leader

We used KiwiQA for a security audit of one of our web platforms. It was a very good cooperation and with the excellent reporting and risk assessment we were able to effectively fix existing vulnerabilities.

Enrico Mareth

Team Lead QA

Great service, high skills, responsiveness and delivery on time of software projects

Eran Kinsbruner

Chief Evangelist, Author

Excited to skim through some of the implementations?

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A software test consulting business will assess your current strategy and modify it to meet your preferred technique, adding authenticity and continuity to the process. In order to pinpoint software issues and their root causes, software quality control consultants create and carry out software tests.

Aiding your QA team in identifying and fixing problems early on, when they are less expensive to fix, is one of the objectives of software testing assistance. You’ll be able to achieve the greatest possible product excellence and solution assurance once you’ve transformed your testing processes.
The testing procedure will be supervised, testing activity will be tracked, and testing findings will be reported by a test consultant. The accuracy and coherence of the testing outcomes, including test scenarios, scripts, info, reports, and issue logs, will also be guaranteed by a test consultant.

It is necessary to do software testing in order to identify problems before they arise in a vital setting. Software testing is crucial since it allows for the prompt identification and fixing of any faults or errors in the program before the final result is delivered. Finding all possible inconsistencies and weaknesses in the program is the main goal of security testing to ensure that it continues to function.

Yes, the QA consulting services include both automated & manual testing. Because of their proficiency with both automated and manual testing methods, our QA experts are able to find errors at an early stage of the SDLC.

A team manager can utilize QA testing KPIs as decision points to forecast upcoming work and gauge the team’s performance over time. QA metrics are employed to gauge the state of testing and its outcomes. Metrics allow us to monitor the progress of QA tasks, assess team productivity and product quality, and streamline procedures.

Some examples of QA metrics that can be tracked are-

  • Base or Absolute metrics
  • Test tracking metrics
  • Test efforts
  • Defect related metrics

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