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Re-evaluate the efficacy of test automation projects with our plug-in and play automation architecture that uses Java and Selenium WebDriver, and augment the test automations.

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Redefine testing automation with K-FAST

“KiwiQA’s Framework for Automated Software Testing” is a 7-stage framework that traverses through every stage of Software Automation Testing, from Automation Strategy Development to the generation of reports depicting the state and quality of Software Test Automation projects.

With this framework, you can automate the creation, use, and management of any number of test input data. It makes it super easy edit, use, and manage the script and test data at scale. It is capable of running test steps which are structured in test scripts as reusable test logic, and automates it to run in a loop for different permutations of data.

With minimum requirement of any sort of manual intervention, K-FAST provides the necessary add-on for automating the tests.

Why customers should opt for K-FAST

Our K-FAST approach allows us to provide you with the best testing solutions.

Tests developed in Selenium framework can be used for different devices or different browsers available in the Browserstack.

It is easy to debug failed scripts as failure logs will be captured in the report for the respective failure test cases.

Supports Parallel Test execution (Using Selenium Grid) this allows for reduction in the test execution time.

We allow you to release your product quickly, reliable test results will help you to confidently make decisions on releases.

We possess the ability to quickly and efficiently return multiples of the amount of time, effort and cost invested.


Powerful capabilities and reasons for implementing K-FAST

The test automation services framework K-FAST is an open-source framework that is programming language agnostic and driven by data. Through this unique framework, it’s effortless to save on testing costs.

Data-Driven Framework

K-FAST lets you rely on a single test script which can be used to validate a test case against multiple test data forms.

POM (Page Object Model) Design

POM allows you to create an object repository that stores each web element, thereby eliminating code duplication and enhancing the maintenance of test cases.

Enablement of CI (Continuous Integration) with Jenkins

With K-FAST, the development work can be integrated early to identify errors in the initial phases through the open-source platform Jenkins.

Distributed test execution on various platforms

K-FAST is exceptional in speeding up test execution as it can remotely manage and distribute the automated test sets across virtual machines, computers, and the cloud.

Custom Responsive Reports

You can receive customized responsive reports through the K-FAST framework per your requirements.

Enhanced ROI for test automation

Faster delivery and more regressions result it increased ROI with time making K-FAST a preferred framework for continued benefits.

There’s more to K-FAST, just ask

K-FAST packs even more capabilities which can be added to the framework on demand. With the addition of these functionalities, the potential of K-FAST can be extended beyond testing.

Email Notifications

K-FAST lets you set alerts/notifications for multiple scenarios so that you don’t have to monitor everything manually.

Cross Browser Testing

Check if the application is compatible and can be used without any hiccups across browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Easy debugging and logging

Rectify the issues found in testing easily with the debugging mode and log them for the necessary traces throughout the development environment.

Screenshot capture

Like any complete framework, K-FAST also lets you capture the screenshots as references for later.

Industry leading tools and technologies for K-FAST

We put different tools and technologies to use depending on the requirements or various phases of testing.

JAVA- Scripting language using Eclipse


It is primarily used for writing and reporting acceptance criteria. Reports written through Java are practical, detailed, and advantageous, allowing programmers to write high-quality automation test case scenarios.

Selenium- Browser automation tool


Through Selenium, you get a playback tool for writing functional tests across a range of the latest web browsers without learning any test scripting language.

TestNG- TestNG testing framework for JAVA scripting


TestNG is utilized due to its broader spectrum of test categories, including unit, functional, end-to-end, integration, etc. It also boasts powerful and easy-to-use functionalities.

Maven- Apache build manager for Java projects


It is seldom used to handle Java projects to simplify the build process of projects and is most commonly used for managing project dependencies and the lifecycle of any project.

Jenkins- Continues Build Integration Tool


Through the plugins, it fosters integration with test automation tools and frameworks into the test pipeline. It also helps with the seamless running of test suites, result compilation, and error reports.

Interested in knowing the K-FAST E2E test automation process?

The end-to-end testing process of the K-FAST framework is divided into four significant steps.


Selenium WebDriver + TestNG

It begins with the usage of our customized data-driven framework. We also develop the test script in the initial stage through Eclipse IDE.


Jenkins integration

Next, we integrate Jenkins to enable continuous integration. This allows multiple tools, languages, and automation tasks to support the creation of a pipeline.


Execute tests

Once tests are executed, we get a complete picture of the issues or potential issues in the software which are to be taken care of.


Test execution report

With the test execution report, we compare the obtained results with the expected results and decide the market readiness of the product.

A comprehensive look at the Yesses and Nos of the framework

Here is where you can find the answer to the most critical question – is this the proper framework for you? Let’s find out more about the test automation framework.


  • Supports multiple programming languages for writing test scripts.
  • supports various browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari, etc.)
  • Supports parallel test execution (Using Selenium Grid) to reduce the test execution time.
  • Provides combined test reports which can be customized as required.
  • Supports integration with different tools like Browserstack.
  • Tests developed in the Selenium framework can be used for other devices or browsers available in the Browserstack.
  • Easy to debug failed scripts as failure logs will be captured in the report for the respective failure test cases.


  • Being an open-source tool, reliable technical support is lacking.
  • It supports web-based applications only. However, applications can be automated with the help of 3rd party tools like AutoIT.

Delivering remarkable changes, one outcome at a time

In the projects where K-FAST has been implemented, it has provided noteworthy outcomes and left a positive impact across verticals.

K-FAST - Faster Release Cycles
Faster Release Cycles

Faster Release Cycles

Identifying and resolving issues in the initial phases of product testing is a boon as far as release cycles are concerned.

K-FAST - Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Your testing doesn’t go haywire when you have the right tools, framework, and approach, helping you save a hefty amount in testing.

K-FAST - Testing risk coverage
Testing risk coverage

Testing risk coverage

The framework verifies software systems, sub-systems, and all components to leave no room for error while focusing on the risk weight of the requirements tested.

K-FAST - Quality & Delivery – Enhanced
Quality & Delivery – Enhanced

Quality & Delivery – Enhanced

With K-FAST, the quality of testing and delivery time is greatly enhanced, thanks to the technologies and tools we deploy.

K-FAST - Testing Resources Utilization – Optimal
Testing Resources Utilization – Optimal

Testing Resources Utilization – Optimal

K-FAST ensures the tools within your software stack are being used optimally, which is a key performance indicator of the software performance.

K-FAST - Maintenance & Support Costs
Maintenance & Support Costs

Maintenance & Support Costs

Like a reliable framework, K-FAST helps reduce maintenance and support costs by addressing multiple aspects, like the cost of fixing bugs.

Our clientele is the testimony of our precision

Take a glance at some of the organizations whom we have helped with successful product launches through our QA services and eliminating issues in coding.

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